One person, growing up in the Lord, will change their entire family.

women’s resources

Beth's Studies

Join us as we delve into individual books of the Bible to go further still in our study of God’s Word. The Bible is inexhaustible, alive, powerful and necessary as we grow in our faith. It is truly a blessing from the Hand of God and we are praying that He makes it come alive to us through these studies. Grow deeper in your depth and knowledge of who God is, and His Will is for you.
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Revelation Episode 22

Revelation 22:1-21

Revelation Episode 22

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Heart to Hands

Applying Biblical teaching to your daily life can feel overwhelming at times. In the Heart to Hands series, our purpose is to help you take the truths in God’s word and take them from your heart to your hands. These short studies are meant to encourage you that we are called to walk in the freedom of obedience in Christ.
Heart to Hands
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men’s resources

Conversations With Bob

Sit with Bob as he helps to lead you through questions of faith, salvation, prayer and family as well as encourage you on your journey of being conformed into God’s image so that you may indeed take hold of life that is truly life.
Conversations with Bob
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KidS' resources

Joseph Rules in Egypt

Kids Studies

A walk through the Bible for kids. Check out our new series on Genesis with Ms. Sara! Learn the stories, uncover God's heart and actually hear our Father whispering to you. It's the treasure hidden in plain sight. Will you find the gold?

Hidden Treasures

Seek God’s word with Mr. Aaron and Mr. Dave, find out what the Bible verse really means, learn the scriptures and tell the world. Use the tools below to help you memorize so you can have treasure in your heart and share it with others.
Aaron vs. The Enemy

Bread & Butter

Daily Devotional

See what scripture says about life topics, and quotes from writers past and present to see how it can apply to your life.
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