About Us - Sharing Bread

About Us

Sharing Bread is a ministry led by a single family tree: Bob (grandfather), Beth (grandmother), Betsy (mother), and Calee & Dave (in-laws). The entire thing was started by Beth (the grandmother), and its values are lived out in the lives of the entire family. It’s connected, it’s dynamic, and it’s super rare.

We believe that one person growing up in Christ will transform an entire family. Betsy (the daughter of Bob and Beth) was raised in a family that cultivated four primary spiritual disciplines: reading God’s Word, prayer, memorizing scripture, and mentorship. These disciplines yielded fruit that included a vibrant lifestyle, marriage, family, and connection with God. Because of the power of this fruit, these disciplines are the very core of Sharing Bread.

Reading God’s Word
Beth’s Studies
Kid's Studies
Heart to Hands

Hidden Treasures
Conversations with Bob

Memorizing Scripture
Hidden Treasures
Scripture Recited

EveryPart Podcast– Peer to Peer 
Conversations with Bob– Mentor to Mentee

These disciplines provide a simple framework that cultivates abundant life with Christ. We believe that use of these disciplines will transform your life and, ultimately, your entire family. We are excited to say “yes” to God as He leads us forward. Rather than charging for our content, we’re looking to God’s provision as we continue to develop Sharing Bread.