Rick Burgess (A Radio Legacy)


We are so excited! Rick Burgess, host of the popular “Rick and Bubba Show,” joins us to share all the details about the ending of his show. He also announces plans for a NEW SHOW! starting in 2025 while celebrating Rick and Bubba's 30 year legacy.

Rick touches on his new book, “Sin Always Matters.” Not to mention, he delves into the intimate connection of radio and podcasts, contrasting it with TV and movies.

He shares his journey to faith, prompted by a pastor's confrontation about his cultural Christianity and lack of fruit.
The pastor advised integrating faith into the show, leading to a gradual transformation in how they communicated their beliefs. Despite pushback from some denominations and individuals, Rick emphasizes the importance of remaining steadfast in their faith-driven approach and goes in depth on Men's Discipleship.

We also get to hear about the impact of the show, sharing stories of lives changed and connections made, even from unexpected places like Australia. Despite challenges, Rick remains committed to his part in men's discipleship and being a light in the entertainment world.

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